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A gripping, epic love story —

A Dream of America, a Better Tomorrow — who hasn't wished for it?

As WWII dawns and the world braces for the bloodiest conflict ever known, Fate enshrouds two young Finnish immigrants in Chicago in a fog of love as they strive for a better life in the Land of Opportunity.

He is a great artist many years ahead of his time — an old soul in a young man's body; she is smart and lovely with a dream of dancing on Broadway.

His childhood nemesis arrives — obsessed with taking her from her man.

The loving couple's widowed landlord worries about his daughter in Nazi-occupied Poland, yet does all he can and more for his young tenant friends.

The New York Times journalist, a paraplegic from having jumped off a roof when he discovered his true Self, helps save the artist's life and future.

With the American Dream within their grasp, they are all thrust into a war that changed the course of History — the Finnish-Russian Winter War.

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A Dream Of America — Autographed Novel

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