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Bo Svenson

His novel, "The Dream of America" is recommended reading by Amazon Books. 


"The Dream of America" —

screenplay and novel by Bo Svenson 

(In paperback and Kindle formats)



"He Returns" . . .


When He learns that his adult daughter has committed suicide, a widowed former lawman returns to his home town after 50 years. Sadden by the racial and political polarization, the drug culture and general "feel bad", He decides to get involved and help right the wrongs.

"The Remarkable Ms. Bayard Wootten" . . .


The life of the remarkable woman who created the "Pepsi-Cola" logo.

"Dreamspeakers" . . .


Today. The West. To find relief from the violent Inter-Generational Historical Trauma visions plaguing him and to find his runaway sister who also has IGHT, a young Native American man travels from his reservation to a city clinic — and finds himself drawn into a Bloods gang feud when he and his new friends attempt to save her.

This IGHT-centric screenplay has won Best Screenplay at the Portland New Alternate Voices Festival and was Selected by Cannes International Cinema Awards, the Hollywood Gold Awards, the New York Screenwriting Awards, the Chicago Indie Film Awards, the LA Sun Film Awards, and The Author Script Awards.

"Diddleville, USA" . . .


While in search of the father he has never known, a young martial artist on the run from the Japanese Yakuza mob ends up in even a worst world of trouble when he is stranded in Diddleville — a desert town steeped in the cannabis industry and controlled by an insane Chief of Police. 

"Diddleville, USA" won Best Screenplay at the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, International Independent Film Awards, Hollywood International Golden Age Festival; Best Series Pilot Script at the New York Independent Film Awards, and Best TV Pilot at the Vegas Movie Awards.

"The Dream of America" . . .


Chicago. 1939. Two young Finnish immigrants have the American Dream within their grasp when Fate separates them. He, a brilliantly talented painter and staunch pacifist, is thrust into a war that changed the course of history — the Finnish-Russian Winter War; while she, a butcher’s helper with a dream of dancing on Broadway, is forced to dance in a New York burlesque house until Fate once again intervenes…

"The Dream of America" won Best Screenplay Award at the Illinois International Film Festival, the International Independent Film Awards, Los Angeles Reel Film Festival.

"The Red Cloth" . . .


996 A.D. Based on historical facts, a young Norse helmsman seeking religious freedom for himself and those he loves is sent by the King of Norway to bring a self-serving priest to Greenland to find and convert Leif Erickson to Christianity when they are caught in a hellish storm and shipwrecked in North America — some 500 years before its ‘discovery’ by Columbus.

"The Red Cloth" won best TV Pilot at the Dubai Independent Film Festival, Best Feature Screenplay at the Florence Film Awards, Best Feature Script at the Hollywood Gold Awards, and Best Television Script at the International World Film Awards,  Best Feature Screenplay at the London Independent Film Awards, Best Script at the Los Angeles Movie Awards and Montreal Independent Film Festival.


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